About Us

Disabled Stuff “Mobility Equipment Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive”

At Disabled Stuff our mission is to provide our customers with top quality products at the lowest prices with full finance facilities.

We offer affordable prices for mobility scooters, walking aids, wheelchairs and daily living aids, if you cannot find the product on our website you can speak to a member of our team who will find it for you.

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Our website has been designed with you the user in mind. We have a wide selection of mobility Scooters, powerchairs, walking aids and daily living aids.

Our mobility scooters have been broken down into 3 categories to ease navigation.

Travel/Portable Mobility Scooters:

Also known as Boot Scooters, Travel mobility scooters are lightweight, compact scooters that can be dismantled for ease of storage and transportation. This type of mobility Scooter is ideal for anyone looking to take their scooter on holiday, in the car or on coach trips.


Pavement Mobility Scooters:

Pavement mobility scooters are great for trips out, whether you’re going shopping or visiting friends. A pavement mobility scooter will help you regain your independence, just even going to the shop for a newspaper and a bottle of milk. Pavement mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph, a pavement mobility scooter will get you from A to B quickly and comfortably.

6-8mph Mobility Scooters:

6-8mph Mobility Scooters are designed to be faster and travel further than pavement mobility scooters, if you are looking to travel longer distances or even just on the road then a 6-8mph mobility scooter would be the right purchase for you. With superior comfort and a larger frame, you will always feel safe and comfortable on those longer journeys.