Pavement Scooters

  • Scout Mini 3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

    £1,499.00 £512.00 ex VAT
  • Scout 12 Amp Scooter

    £549.55 ex VAT

    The Scout boot scooter is the perfect choice if you’re tight on storage or have a smaller than average boot space. Dismantling into 5 pieces it’s manageable and easy to travel and transport.

  • Scout 3 Wheel Scooter

    £549.55 ex VAT

    Comfortable lightweight seat which swivels 360° for easy transfers on and off the scooter
    Removable battery pack with easy to carry handle and locking mechanism
    On board and in house charging as standard
    Automatic electromagnetic brake system
    Height adjustable seat to suit user comfort requirements
    Delta bars as standard
    Easy to change body panels
    Easy tiller adjustment to suit user
    Removable seat- fold down tiller and splits easily for storage and transportation
    Stylish silver wheel hubs with black puncture proof non marking tyres
    Width adjustable flip up armrests for added flexibility
    Front removable storage basket as standard
    Rear anti tip wheels as standard
    Anti roll back system safety device prevents scooter from rolling backwards on hills
    Freewheel facility allows movement of scooter without switching the motor on
    Easy to remove battery pack fitted with 2 x 12 Ah airline friendly batteries

  • Scout 20 Amp Scooter

    £607.55 ex VAT

    The Scout has many new features which are only normally found on larger scooters. Its the first Drive mini scooter to include Delta Bars as standard, it also features the next generation Drive splitting mechanism.MS009PB Scout 4 Wheel Scooter in Blue (20AMP BATTS)

  • Aerolite Mini Travel Mobility Scooter

    £1,395.00 £659.00 ex VAT


    • portable scooter
    • can be disassembled for storage and transportation
    • adjustable folding back swivel seat
    • split base
  • Drive Mercury Prism 3 Mini Mobility Scooter

    £1,298.00 £685.00 ex VAT

    The Mercury Prism 3 Mobility scooter from Drive Medical. Prism 3 Wheel Mini Mobility Scooter. Easy to fold & transport in your car the Prism 3 Mini Mobility Scooter.

  • Van Os Boost Mobility Scooter

    £1,595.00 £698.00 ex VAT

    The Van-Os 2GOability Boost is a compact sized scooter. The Boost offers the user the right amount of comfort with its rotatable seat, padded armrests and great driving characteristics. On top of this, the steering column is also adjustable for the prefer

  • Drive Mercury Prism 4

    £2,204.00 £698.00 ex VAT

    Travel Mobility Scooter are a great way to get about if you struggle with your mobility or have walking difficulties. These mobility scooters are great for days out and taking with you on holiday as they can be transported easily due to their lightweight

  • Sterling Little Gem 2 Mobility Scooter

    £1,555.00 £699.00 ex VAT

    Feel more independent and confident when you’re a passenger on the Sterling Little Gem 2 mobility scooter. It was designed for people who want the freedom that comes with being able to easily pack the mobility aid into a car and take it on short or long trips. The Sterling mobility scooter comes in your choice of blue or red.

  • Invacare Colibri

    £999.00 £699.00 ex VAT

    The Invacare Colibri is a stylish, simple and colourful micro lightweight scooter, designed for those who enjoy a totally independent lifestyle. Thanks to the unique Invacare LiteLock system the scooter can easily be taken apart without the need for tools and fits neatly into any car boot. Plus, with its small footprint the Invacare Colibri offers greater manoeuvrability in tight, or limited spaces. That’s why the Invacare Colibri goes anywhere your fancy takes you!

  • Prism Sport Scooter

    £819.25 ex VAT

    The Prism Sport has all the performance and reliability of the Prism plus additional features. These include larger wheels, a maximum range of 12 miles, a greater weight capacity and excellent mud flaps.MS019 Prism Sport Scooter (MS019)

  • Envoy 4 Scooter

    £839.55 ex VAT

    The Envoy 4 Mobility Scooter is an excellent addition to the Drive Mercury range of mobility scooters. It includes a whole host of features that are often only found as standard on the larger more expensive models.

  • Pride Apex Rapid Mobility Scooter

    £1,875.00 £895.00 ex VAT
    • CTS Suspension (Comfort-Trac front and rear independent suspension)
    • Feather-touch dis-assembly permits simple frame separation with one hand
    • Frame disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage
    • Auto-connecting front to rear cable
    • Delta tiller for ease of control
    • Solid black, non-scuffing tyres
    • Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability
    • Comes with both Red and Blue panels for you to choose
    • Front basket included
    • Charger XLR port incorporated in tiller allows charging without removing the battrey box
    • Available with either 12 AH batteries or 17 AH Batteries
    • LED kerb light
  • Pride Colt Plus

    £3,047.00 £898.00 ex VAT
    The sleek, sporty Colt Plus scooter delivers high-performance operation, all-new features and feather-touch disassembly. With a full complement of advanced standard features including backlit battery gauge and a wraparound delta tiller, the Pride Colt Plus offers simply the best value for your money.
  • Pride Apex Sprint

    £1,999.00 £899.00 ex VAT

    Being a Light, Portable Mid-range Scooter. The Pride Apex Sprint Delivers reliable performance and featuring a practical yet stylish design.

    The Pride Apex Sprint is a great little travel scooter which will fit into the smallest of car boots. Unlike many Travel Scooters the Sprint comes with pneumatic tyres to smooth the bumps out of your journey.

  • Rascal 388 S Mobility Scooter

    £1,999.00 £948.00 ex VAT

    Buy the Rascal 388S 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter at the Lowest Price Online! The Rascal 388 S pavement scooter is excellent value made by Electric Mobility

  • Shoprider Valencia

    £2,501.00 £949.00 ex VAT

    The Shoprider Valencia Travel Mobility Scooter  from Roma Medical is a great mobility scooter for those who are looking for a larger transportable scooter.

  • Kymco Super 4

    £1,895.00 £995.00 ex VAT

    The Kymco Super 4 is the new mid size mobility scooter from kymco healthcare.

  • Shoprider Sovereign 4

    £2,204.00 £1,039.00 ex VAT

    The Shoprider Sovereign 4 Mobility Scooter has been the best-selling mobility scooter over the last decade and has proved to be a valuable companion for thousands of people.The Shoprider Sovereign 4 Pavement Scooter really does everything that you would need from it.

  • Rascal 388 Deluxe

    £2,882.00 £1,068.00 ex VAT

    The Electric Mobility Rascal 388 Deluxe is a mid-ranged pavement mobility scooter and a great example of another good value product from Electric Mobility.

  • Roma Lyon

    £2,199.00 £1,094.00 ex VAT

    The Roma Medical Lyon is the perfect mid-range mobility scooter. It has familiar yet modern styling, and is constructed by the makers of the well known Shoprider Mobility Scooter range.

  • Rascal 388 XL

    £2,882.00 £1,168.00 ex VAT

    The Electric Mobility Rascal 388 XL mobility scooter is an on road, 6mph Class 3 mobility scooter.

  • Pride Colt Deluxe

    £2,355.00 £1,198.00 ex VAT

    The Pride Mobility Colt Deluxe 6 mph mobility scooter is a mid range scooter sitting between the excellent range of Pride 4 mph mobilty scooters and the bigger, high performance 8 mph mobility scooter range.

  • Shoprider Sovereign 3

    £2,204.00 £1,248.00 ex VAT

    The Shoprider Sovereign 3 Mobility Scooter has been the best-selling mobility scooter over the last decade and has proved to be a valuable companion for thousands of people.